How to join?

Why would I want to join UDP?

Challenge your mind

Train yourself to be at ease speaking on a wide panel of subjects. Motions go from international relations to dystopian technologies, to environment...

Improve your English

Debating in English and talking with many international students at debating events is a sure way to perfect your language skills!

Make friends!

Having fun is our priority! We are a friendly community with members of very diverse origins. We often organize outings in Paris in addition to debating events.

How can I join you?

You can check our page societies to see if your institution has a debating club member of UDP.

If there is one go to the page of your society and see how you can join them or get in touch with them.

If there is no local debating club at your institution, don't worry, you can still join UDP and debate with us.

First you can join our Facebook group or contact us by mail to know about our next events.

Alternatively you can have a look at our agenda and come to speak to us at one of our event.