Centrale Open 2012


In 2012 the Centrale Paris Debating Club organized the Centrale Open on the 14th and 15th December.


  • R1: THBT all criminal trials should be decided by a jury verdict.
  • R2: THW allow employers to offer a contract to their female employees giving up their right to become pregnant.
  • R3: This House believes that governments should end all direct international aid, and donate money to Non Governmental Organizations (e.g. Oxfam, Médicins Sans Frontièrs) instead.
  • R4: Info slide: Bylines are blurbs at the start of articles that specify the name and position of the author. For instance: “Boris Johnson, Mayor of London”.
    THW remove bylines from individual newspaper articles.
  • R5: Info slide: In a hypothetical situation, the 75% tax rate of Hollande has worked to give the French government more money . It is so big, the French have paid off the deficit and can spend it instead on tackling the issue of the Banlieues: socio-economically deprived largely migrant communities on the outskirts of Paris.
    THW rather spend the money on subsidised housing and living costs for migrants in the centre of Paris than investment in the Banlieues.
  • Semis: TH, as a draftee, would dodge the draft.
  • Final: Info slide: The Twin Towers were a recognizable part of the famous New York skyline. On the 11th of September on 2001 they were destroyed by a terrorist attack. In 2011 the New York City Office commissioned the building of the Freedom Tower on Ground Zero.
    THW have instead rebuilt the world trade centre to original specifications, but one floor higher.