Centrale Open 2016


In 2016 the Centrale Paris Debating Club organized a new edition of the Centrale Open (formerly Centrale IV). It took place at the École Centrale Paris on the 9th and 10st December.

Team cap: 40

CA team: Harish Natarajan, Sella Nevo, Sharmila Parmanand.

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  • R1: THBT states should ban the positive depictions of former oppressive leaders.
  • R2: THBT when allocating resources to their children, poor families should allocate most of their resources to support the most talented child in the family.
  • R3: Info slide: An Artificial Intelligence machine (such as a robot) passes the “Extended Turing Test” if through extended conversation a human being cannot distinguish between the machine and an actual human.
    THW grant human rights to any machine that passes the “Extended Turing Test”.
  • R4: THBT African-American parents should teach their children to distrust and avoid contact with the police.
  • R5: THW bail out failing established newspapers.
  • Semis: THW use the inquisitorial system in the criminal justice system (as opposed to the adversarial one).
  • Novice Final: THW oppose human immortality.
  • Open Final: THBT the Democratic Party should take on a much more centre-leftist position and support a mass redistribution of wealth agenda.