Paris Open 2011


Télécom ParisTech ans Sciences Po hosted the 2011 edition of Paris IV in April.

Winners: Png Zhiheng and John Ashbourne from the London School of Economics.


  • R1: THW ban public sector strikes in times of high government debt.
  • R2: THB that France should open its borders to any migrant from one of its former colonies.
  • R3: TH supports the establishment of ‘Harvey Milk Schools’ in Europe (the Harvey Milk School is a school in New York for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning young people).
  • R4: THW use partition to solve civil wars in divided societies.
  • R5: THB that it is immoral to donate to animal charities whilst humans are dying of poverty.
  • Semi:
  • ESL Final:
  • Open Final: THBT women wearing high heels are no more free than women wearing the burqa.