Paris Open 2014


Once again the Telecom Debating Society has had the occasion to host the largest World Style debating Competition in France. 56 teams and more than 40 judges from all over the world (the UK, Ireland, Ukraine, Portugal, Belarus, the US...) have rubbed shoulders on motions written by our CAs (Chief Adjudicators) Christine Simpson and Rebecca Meredith:


  • R1: THBT it is immoral to donate to animal welfare charities while there are charities which aim to alleviate human suffering still in need.
  • R2: THW guarantee military veterans jobs for life (through civilian state sector employment or/and state subsidy of private sector employment).
  • R3: Info slide:: The Diamond Club is a dating website which aims to pair male millionaires with physically attractive females. Male members pay upwards of £100,000 to join the site, while female members are ranked out of 100 for their physical attractiveness and do not pay a fee to join. No other qualities, such as skills or interests, are taken into account when ranking female members. The site is for linking of dates, and not for prostitution.
    THBT feminists should not oppose dating sites which seek to romantically link rich men and physically attractive women.
  • R4: THBT western nations should require companies seeking to sell products within their borders to abide by national worker's rights legislation, regardless of where the goods were manufactured and at all stages of the production process.
  • R5: THW determine income tax based on the relative privilege of an individuals' upbringing. (With info slide defining 'privilege' as private education, parental wealth, childhood home).
  • Open Semi: THW, as NATO, send troops to protect the Ukrainian border (not including the Crimea).
  • ESL Final: THW offer citizenship to illegal immigrants in exchange for meaningful information on their traffickers and illegal employers.
  • Open Final: THS the unlimited use of war-time propaganda which aims to dehumanise the enemy.