Paris Open 2015


Télécom ParisTech hosted the 2015 edition of Paris Open the 24th and 25th April.

Chief Adjudicators: Emilia Carlqvist, Amanda Moorghen and Matthew Willmore.

The team tab is here and the speaker tab is here.


  • R1: THW not allow medical professionals from 'developing' countries to move to 'developed' countries.
  • R2: THW only fund, display and promote art that has an explicit political message.
  • R3: THW create zones where the sale, production and consumption of otherwise illegal drugs is permitted.
  • R3: THBT the EU should not try to create a distinct European identity, instead focussing only on economic and trade policy.
  • R5: THBT France should always intervene when asked to do so by former colonies in times of crisis.
  • Open Semi:
  • ESL Final:
  • Open Final: