Paris Open 2016


Télécom ParisTech hosted the 2016 edition of Paris Open the 20th and 21st May.

CA team: Sella Nevo, Olivia Sundberg Diez, Joe Mayes.


  • R1: THW criminalise sexist and misogynist speech.
  • R2: In a multi-party political system, THW require all parties to elect their leaders through a democratic vote of all the registered members of that party.
  • R3: TH supports the creation of popular media about ongoing court cases.
  • R4: A machine has been invented that tells the user the exact date of their death. Once known, nothing can be done to change this date. THW use the machine.
  • R5: THW ban all EU arms companies from selling weapons outside of the EU.
  • Open Semi: Info slide: In Catholic dogma, an 'ex cathedra' declaration (literally 'from the throne') made by the Pope establishes a moral or doctrinal truth that is infallible and must be believed by all Catholics.
    TH, as Pope Francis, would make an ex cathedra declaration that aggressive wealth redistribution is a moral imperative.
  • ESL Final: THBT Facebook should covertly use its platform to prevent a Trump victory.
  • Open Final: Info slide: IS has contacted the US-led coalition offering to cease all hostile activities in return for recognition of IS as an independent state consisting of the main Sunni-majority areas currently under IS control. (This infoslide is hypothetical)
    THW accept the IS proposal