UDP Open 2017


Paris VI University hosted the first edition of UDP Open the 9th December 2017.

  • Team cap: 32.
  • A Team: Olivia Sundberg Diez, Martin Devenney.
  • Org com: Claire Mayer (Convenor), Zakary Hammoutou (Convenor), Florent Wijanto (Reg officer, Tab team), Sarina Sangha (food coordinator), Jacques Li (treasurer), Yemi Ogoundele (socials coordinator), Olga Kiav (hostel coordinator), Axel Soll, Romain Devaux.

You can find the tab at here.

Top 10 Open Speakers:
  • 1. Valerie Tiemey
  • 2. Nick Zervoudis
  • 3. Miri Muntean
  • 4. Eilidh McCreath
  • 5. Stefi Ionescu
  • 6. Agnes Putri,
  • Setry Rabejaona
  • 8. Mark Etzel,
  • Paul Reiter,
  • Yemi Ogoundele,
  • Trieu Le
Top 5 Novice Speakers:
  • 1. Trieu Le
  • 2. Gawi
  • 3. Emma Fourgeaud
  • 4. Olga Kiavué
  • 5. Vladislav


  • R1: This House believes that individuals have a moral obligation not to consume drugs that are made illegal by the state.
  • R2: This house would ban reality TV shows that portray vulnerable groups, e.g. Benefits Street, My Strange Addiction, My Big Gipsy Wedding.
  • R3: This house would offer an amnesty to Nicolas Maduro and key officials in his government in exchange for leaving power and holding free and fair elections.
  • R4: This house believes that secular democracies with substantial religious communities should allow a separate legal system for those communities.