UDP Open 2017


Paris VI University hosted the first edition of Paris Open the 9th December 2017.

Org com: Zakary Hammoutou (Convenor & Tournament director), Claire Mayer (Convenor), Florent Wijanto (Reg officer, Tab team), Sarina Sangha (food coordinator), Jacques Li (treasurer) Yemi Ogoundele (socials coordinator), Olga Kiav (hostel coordinator), Axel Soll, Romain Devaux.

A Team: Olivia Sundberg Diez, Martin Devenney.

You can find the tab at here.


  • R1: This House believes that individuals have a moral obligation not to consume drugs that are made illegal by the state.
  • R2: This house would ban reality TV shows that portray vulnerable groups, e.g. Benefits Street, My Strange Addiction, My Big Gipsy Wedding.
  • R3: This house would offer an amnesty to Nicolas Maduro and key officials in his government in exchange for leaving power and holding free and fair elections.
  • R4: This house believes that secular democracies with substantial religious communities should allow a separate legal system for those communities.